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Tradekit is all about providing you with an invaluable service. We are a Canadian team located in China, this gives us the opportunity to be your eyes and ears here in a place of endless resources. We understand the importance of having standards and will provide you with the results you desire.

Tradekit specializes in:

Are you someone that is looking for something specific? maybe you are a business owner that is looking to replace a current product? We can find you anything from paper cups and bags, tin trays to umbrellas and more.

Product Development
Do you have an idea, and just don’t know where to start? or you just need a jump start on production sampling? We have access to all sorts of factories, and sample manufacturers to get you started. We will provide you with a quote on your project before we begin, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Are you currently manufacturing in China and simply need some quality control? or is there a product that you want to make or reproduce? No worries, we can handle anything from conception to production.

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